Junior Athletics


Our active juniors (called Remarkable Runners) enjoy club nights during the summer season. The season runs from Oct 2019 to March 2020. We have two venues where our juniors meet.

  • Thursdays at Queenstown Events Centre from 4.30 – 6 pm or
  • Fridays at Arrowtown Primary School from 4.00 – 5.30 pm

We’ll be kicking off the season with an OPEN DAY – Thursday 17th at Queenstown Events Centre and Friday 18th at Arrowtown School. All welcome to come along and give it a try before you register. However all registrations must be in by the 2nd week of term 4.

AGES 5 + 6: SOCIAL MEMBER ($55 incl both terms)

The “Social Club” category for juniors aged 5 and 6 will enjoy weekly club sessions for skill training. This year (2019) our club will be trialling a foundation programme designed by Athletics NZ (Run, Jump and Throw) for teaching specific athletic skills to kids aged 5-11. The emphasis is on the development of fundamental movement patterns specific to junior athletics. We think the kids are going to love it. Parent help for this age group is compulsory. ($10 discount per child if 2 or more children from one family join the club).


AGES 7 – 14 : SOCIAL MEMBER ($85 incl both terms)

Our Juniors aged 7 – 14 can choose from 2 categories to register.

A “Social” Member enjoys weekly club night skills & drills training using a combination of Athletics NZ skills programme “Run, Jump, Throw” and specialised training. We are also hoping to run a couple of PB (Personal Best) sessions getting both centres together on the grass track in Frankton. This will give the athletes a chance to put the skills they have learnt into practice. Times, distances and jumps will be recorded so each child can work on improving his/her own results. They will also participate in an end-of-season Club Champs. Parents will be rostered to help throughout the season.


AGES 7 – 14 : COMPETITIVE MEMBER ($115 incl both terms)

Members registered in the “Competitive” category will enjoy the same entitlements as our Social Club Members plus have the choice of training and competing in either Otago or Southland.

This requires a commitment to travel to inter-club meets in either Dunedin or Invercargill over weekends, whichever suits the family best. Both regions offer the opportunity to compete at provincial level, and offer eligibility for selection for their rep teams. These provincial clubs also extend invitations for us to attend specialised coaching sessions with their clubs.

It is important that as many of our registered competitive athletes attend these meets as it enables the club to field relay teams and build club spirit. Regular attendance also offers eligibility for selection into rep teams to compete at national events. Club uniforms will be provided for these events. See links below to plan your season and diarise which events you want to attend.

Athletics Otago

Otago Children’s Athletics meet in Dunedin at the Caledonian Grounds on Saturdays. The athlete must register attendance the day before the event. See their website for registering. Click link below to see their season programme. Parent help is hugely appreciated and as a club we are required to provide volunteers so its important that you make yourself known when you arrive.

Otago Track + Field 2019/2020 Programme


Southland Athletics

Athletics Southland meet in Invercargill at Surrey Park on Sundays. Click on link below to see their season programme. Athletes can register for as many events as they like on the day. Parent help is hugely appreciated and as a club we are required to provide volunteers, so its important that you make yourself known when you arrive.

Southland Track and Field 2019/2020 Programme

If choosing to compete in Southland, the Waverley shield events are good ones to attend. (Waverley A and B alternate their events so make sure you know what event you will be competing in on any given day.) See programme and times below.

Southland Waverley A Programme

Southland Waverley B Programme

Please contact us if you would like more information on being registered as a competitive athlete.



Unlike other sports, athletics is dependent on the active participation of parents. Our parent helpers are integral to helping our club sessions run smoothly so we request one parent or caregiver from each family to volunteer their help at these sessions. We will create a duty roster once all families are registered which will be emailed out to all. Depending on numbers, your help may only be needed a few times a term but if you are available for more, let us know as the more parents involved, the more efficient we can run these club sessions. The “Run, Jump, Throw” programme has very clear instructions for parents to manage the setup and rules around the game, so don’t feel like you need to know anything about athletics to be involved.

Parents are not expected to coach and do not need to be athletic (although it’s a bonus if they are!). Full instructions and direction will be provided.

The role for parents (or grandparents if they wish!) will involve:

  • Setting up and packing down of equipment
  • Managing a small group of children in one or two development games on social training nights
  • Timing/measuring and recording relevant results on our time sheets at the Frankton group meets once a month

Participating in these parent-help roles gives parents a good understanding of each discipline and what we are aiming to achieve.


The purpose of the Thursday and Fridays training sessions is to provide a friendly environment for learning different skills. Members are expected to be focused in these sessions and to absorb as much information as they can. It can be very difficult for the parent/coaches dealing with misbehaviour in children who are not their own.

Discipline steps are:

If athletes are distracting others from learning or generally misbehaving, they will be warned.

If the bad behaviour persists after a warning, the parents/caregiver will be advised and will be expected to help if they are there – usually by assisting with the activities involving their child – until the problem is resolved.

Failing that, they will sit out the rest of that session.

If the problem persists repeatedly, they will be asked to leave the club – no refunds.

Please note that at no time during training sessions are we to be considered a babysitting service. Please ensure that you arrive on time to collect your child.


Unless you hear otherwise, training sessions will be on. You will be notified by 2.30pm through our Facebook page (Remarkable Runners) if we need to cancel due to bad weather. If no notice is up on Facebook, please presume that the club meeting is still ON. Please don’t message us on Facebook if there is no message, no message means it’s ON.


We are fortunate to have a wealth of knowledge and expertise coaching for our Secondary School Competitive Runners (short and long distance) and have a strong Club presence at provincial meets. So there is lots to look forward to for our Year 8’s heading to high school. This year we invite Year 8 students who are driven and have a passion for running and competing, to join this squad at training sessions. Contact us for more info.

We encourage any parents (or friends in our district who might not have children involved in athletics) to please contact us if they are willing to offer any level of guidance or coaching for our Club. Please contact Neville Britton on 027 233 8245 or email him.


If you are interested in learning the ropes or improving your skills as a coach or official, courses are held by Athletics NZ throughout the year and are extremely worthwhile. We will advise when any of these opportunities are taking place.


January 2020 school holidays

The 2020 annual South Island Colgate Games will take place in Christchurch on 17 – 19 January (it rotates yearly between Dunedin and Christchurch). All Social Club & Competitive Members aged 7 – 14 are encouraged to compete in this “mini Olympic” style competition (you can only enter if you are registered to a Club!). We hope to have a Colgate Games Development Squad which will have some additional training times (dates and times to be set closer to the time). Registration deadline will be early December and will be emailed to all club Members. It is a great introduction to competitive athletics and so much fun! Transport and accommodation in Christchurch is to be arranged by parents themselves. More information is on Colgate Games Facebook page.